The 4 Aspects of Moving That Are Often Overlooked

The 4 Aspects of Moving That Are Often Overlooked


If you’re moving for the first time, chances are that you’ve been reading a lot of how-to guides to prepare for the move. Another great way to plan for your move is to discuss it with the Best Removalist in Sydney who will be able to provide you with tips for a well-organised move. Here’s a quick guide from AAA City Removalist that discusses the often-forgotten a

The Top 4 Forgotten Aspects of Moving     Emptying the Dressers

With so many things to pack and organise, emptying the dressers is one chore that often gets forgotten. Sometimes, it’s just a case of being too tired or not having enough time to do the job. But transporting your dressers with heavy or fragileitems still in it is not advisable. A dresser is not something that’s made to be moved around a lot. It has frames and legs that can get damaged during transportation. Leaving items in it could mean you end up with a broken dresser, as well as damaged items. If you have heavy or fragile items in the dresser, be sure to take them out and pack them separately. Clothes are usually not a problem and can be transported in a dresser without much trouble.
If you’re moving for the first time, chances are that you’ve been reading a lot of how-to guides to prepare for the move.

2  Reserve Parking Spots at Both Locations

It’s the day of the move and the removalists call to inform you they’re on their way. They ask you where they can park their moving truck and that’s when you realise you didn’t reserve a parking spot for the truck. Reserving a parking spot at both  locations is important as it will ensure your move happens on time, without any delays or complications.

3 Reserve the Elevator for Your Move

Similarly, if you live in an apartment, it is also a good idea to check with your building management to see if you need to reserve the service lift for the move. Some management require you to inform them about your move and book the service elevator for the particular time of your move.

Having easy, unobstructed access to the elevator is another very crucial but often forgotten aspect of moving. You don’t want the move to be derailed simply because you’re having difficulty accessing the elevator or because you forgot to get permission to use the elevator for your move.

4 Having Food and Snacks Handy

Moving is a lot of work and can be draining. Sometimes, all you need is a quick pick-me-up snack to refuel and keep going. But since you emptied out the fridge in preparation of the move, you realise that you don’t have any food around the house. Your hungry, cranky and too tired to drive to the supermarket or restaurant to buy food. When moving, keep a bag of snacks handy. Having fruit, protein bars and other high energy foods can help keep your energy levels up and the move progressing steadily.

With a reliable removalist, a detailed moving checklist and a can-do attitude, you can tackle your first ever move like a seasoned pro!


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