Why is Cleaning and Sanitation Important in the Food Industry?

Why is Cleaning and Sanitation Important in the Food Industry?


If you are into the food industry, you must implement and follow proper cleaning and sanitising procedures to prevent food-borne illness, accelerated spoilage, and cross-contamination. Food borne disease is a major health issue worldwide. Disease outbreaks which are associated with contaminated food can affect specific food businesses and related food industries. According to the Department of Health, “each year, there are approximately 5 million cases of food borne gastroenteritis in Australia that results in 80 deaths annually. In fact, about 32% of all gastroenteritis in Australia is associated with food borne.” 

Effective cleaning and sanitising procedures with the help of professionals who are specialised in industrial cleaning can help reduce the risk of spreading food borne illness. Moreover, professional cleaning helps maintain your facility’s image, maintains brand protection, and keeps your workers safe and healthy. 

What should you clean? 

As a facility manager, it is your responsibility to protect food from unintentional contamination, and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms in and around food.

All surfaces, including floors, walls, drains, belts, equipment, dishes, machinery, and surrounding environments, should be cleaned and sanitised. It is essential to clean cracks and dark places thoroughly as biofilms can form quickly in these areas. When your business space is not cleaned and sanitised properly, bacteria can build up over time and become resistant to sanitising chemicals. 

To prevent microorganisms from spreading throughout your facility, you need to clean the areas where they form periodically. Bacteria can thrive quickly on unsanitary surfaces and then contaminate food. You need to ensure that you clean and sanitise the facility before starting to prepare food. This is one of the major reasons why you need to hire industrial cleaning Sydney services. 

Importance of keeping your facility clean 

First Impression 

When it comes to the hospitality industry, first impression matters a lot. If the front-of-house areas in your facility appear to be disorganised and dirty, your clients are likely to assume the rest of your space is unclean. You wouldn’t want to make bad impressions on your potential clients. 

Health inspections 

Keeping your facility clean and sanitised can prevent your business from losing points on your next health inspection. The Food Standards Agency has specific regulations which need to be complied. An unclean environment, especially when you are into the food industry, can be detrimental for your business. 


If your facility is not cleaned well, contaminates can easily get into the food you are preparing. 

You wouldn’t want to risk your company’s reputation. Hiring a professional cleaning company that is specialised in industrial cleaning Melbourne can help maintain a clean environment that adheres to food safety standards. 


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