Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Software Provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Software Provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions


Fleet management systems are a vital part of the whole process in today’s world. Which is why it is crucial to understand the kind of changes that have occurred in fleet management technologies over the years, and why you should switch to a browser based fleet management software.

Think how vastly different music playing technology has become. From the days when you needed to insert a cassette into a walkman, has turned into a device where you can download music off of the cloud. Similarly, traditional client/server systems are as good as manually managing the fleet when it comes to how far the technology has advanced.

What is a web-based software?

A web-based software implies that the programming is used through any traditional internet browser. In other words, as opposed to loading an external application onto your mobile device or computer, the software can be accessed similar to how you access your social media and emails.

Web-based programs have compatible mobile applications, making access a lot easier. This means you do not need direct downloads or physical installations. That’s the end of user-end upgrades!

So if you are familiar with using anything like Gmail, you will already know how to use a browser-based fleet management system.

Integrating it into your business

A web-based software allows broadened accessibility, making it possible to work from not only home or any other location, but also on the road, the train, basically anywhere you have internet access and a mobile phone. Using a browser-based software effectively turns your surroundings into your workplace.

The software can handle all the security, upgrades and backups, while also helping to sort out and calculate fleets. You can also manage each and every vehicle in your repertoire. This removes the need for an extra software for the sole purpose of billing.

Organizational abilities

What gives the browser-based Vehicle fleet maintenance software a leading edge is that you have all your data centralized and accessible from anywhere on any device. Therefore, you eliminate all chances of leaving an important document about your fleet anywhere.

Your data is kept password protected, making it safe and secure. The amount of paperwork you need to do plummets to manageable numbers, so you don’t have to worry about duplicate information or work handed out to your fleet managers.

This software has the features that allow you to retain stronger information about your fleet managers. It has real-time tracking features making it easier to monitor the activity of the employees while they are working, and allows you to give them feedback on how to improve efficiency and increase performance.

Vehicle fleet maintenance software by Chevin Fleet Solutions with universal accessibility and real time performance tracking, makes itself an indispensable tool that can help improve customer satisfaction in a unique and optimized way.

Safety and privacy

This web-based software does not allow employees to save information on their laptops, workstations, USB drives or portable hard drives, making the information safe from getting stolen.

It is a far safer way of accessing data and working than traditional fleet management systems. Normally, office computers in office environments are rarely backed up properly or configured with the latest security updates and patches. If the data is duplicated across several devices, the real backup has a higher chance of getting misplaced.

A web-based software gives you the advantage of having your fleet data stored on a secure, encrypted, and continually updated servers that are powered and backed up by state of the art, high security data center daily. Your backups are protected by firewall and surveillance.

Reasons you should get this technology

Here is a list of how a browser-based fleet technology can significantly improve the way your company functions as well as cut down on wasted time and costs.

  1. Low cost: browser based applications do not need a special software for each workstation, like the way it is on traditional Windows client/server systems. The user can access the software from a browser, giving it all the advantages of scalable mainframe applications with the user-friendliness.
  2. Easier upgrades: the application is maintained on only one server, so any upgrades that need to be applied can be applied to one location. This makes it far easier to keep all the office machines updated on the most current system, so the time and cost for upgrading each individual system is cut down significantly.
  3. Platform independence: as stated earlier, it can be accessed from practically anywhere, and this includes devices. If you want to open the browser from a laptop, PC, workstation, smartphone, tablet or even a kiosk, a web-based software makes this possible. Wherever you have a device that can access the internet, you can work from anywhere. So, you are in touch with your fleet managers irrespective of your location.
  4. Tighter security: the system is secure from unauthorized users because browser-based software has the capability of being used only with corporate intranet services within the corporate firewall. This essentially gives it the same kind of security you would find on other corporate applications.
  5. Improved integration: fleet systems rely on software management so that the management process can be completed, including everything from human resources to financial and GPS systems. Fleet management can be integrated with these systems, since it is crucial to do so. Integration is made accessible with practically no customization required. The web-based software allows for sharing data with other important applications. Integrations now can be performed online in real-time and simultaneously conform to business rules of respective applications.


There is no reason you should not incorporate a web-based fleet management system into your software as soon as possible. This software gives you all the advantages of saving time and money while also being as secure as any other corporate application. You can get your browser-based fleet management software today, and run your vehicle fleet management system in a streamlined and hassle-free way. Quite naturally, that will accelerate your bottom lines to a great extent!


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