SEO Techniques for Law Firms and Individual Law Practitioners

SEO Techniques for Law Firms and Individual Law Practitioners


Regardless of the type of business you are operating, SEO or search engine optimization should always be on the top of everyone’s list. The big question is, “What is SEO?” Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a way used by marketing experts to improve the website’s search rankings in different search engines.

It helps website or business owners to fall in line with the search engine’s algorithm so that your site will show up. It is a process that needs to be applied in order for businesses to gain more visibility in the digital world. The better your SEO efforts are, the higher your site and business will rank.

It is essential to all businesses, especially for law firms, because getting to the top of the search page usually translates to more trustworthy and credible lawyers. When your legal counsel or law firm site does not appear on the search engine’s first page, there is a big chance that finding for the firm or an individual attorney can be very challenging.

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People do not have the time to click the 2nd page these days. If they can’t find what they are looking for on the first page, they will change their keyphrases or keywords. That is why, with the help of targeted keyphrases and keywords, and with some website management, your law firm can get free marketing and can reap all its benefits.

How SEO can help legal firms and lawyers

If you are still wondering how Search Engine Optimization websites for lawyers and lawyer seo will make a big difference, then you need to keep on reading. For example, did you know that at least 95% of the people use the Internet look for a lawyer?

People today do not use the yellow pages anymore or remember all the contact details that they see on billboards on the roads during their daily commute. The Internet is free, accessible, and most importantly, fast. That is why it is the first place every person turns to when they are looking for something.

Not only that, out of the 90% of people who contacts and hire a criminal lawyer, 72% of them actually contacts one attorney. It means that they look for the attorney they hire thought search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Google. They pick the law firm they find on the Internet and at least ¾ of these people choose the first law firm or lawyer that first appear on the page.

If your site is not ranked in the top ten, you are going to get buried in thousands, if not millions of websites that are offering the same services as yours. If you are still not convinced, listed below are some ways, SEO can help you or your law firm. 

Established a better market position

The higher your site ranks in search engines; the more established your firm would be in the market. It is because people usually see higher ranked firms, most trustworthy, professional-looking and reliable compared to those on the lower rank or outside the first page. If you ask how you can get a better market position? By using tried, tested and effective SEO techniques. 

Targeted consumers for conversion

When people who visit Google, Yahoo or Bing, there is a big chance that they know what they are looking for. By optimizing your firm’s website for specific keyphrases or keywords in your industry, you will make yourself more available for these types of targeted consumers.

It is more effective compared to pay-per-click advertising on Google or social media platforms like Facebook because the consumers that will see your ads are people who are looking for the services that you are offering. Not only that, law firm SEO gets more competitive as attorneys shift budgets away from pay-per-click. Targeting a specific market is ten times more effective than marketing your services to everyone who has access to the Internet.

Be more consistent with your content

Make sure that you are producing any forms of contents regularly, whether you publish it on your blog site, create video blogs or commonly known as “Vlogs,” posting pictures on social media a mix of things mentioned above.

Regularly posting contents is an excellent way to increase your company’s online visibility and improve your SEO. There are a lot of firms that start as a blog and become irrelevant after a few months. One of the major factors of search engine algorithm when choosing who will land on the first page is a good and quality content. You need to post a couple of materials every week at least to stay relevant and visible.


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