What Businesses Should Do Before Hiring an Accountant

What Businesses Should Do Before Hiring an Accountant


An accountant is an essential member of any business team. For this reason, it is important that the best person is picked for the job. Other than completing an application and job interview correctly, how else is an employer supposed to know if someone is right for the job? Below are some things employers and business owners can do to be extra safe when hiring a new accountant.

Background Check

Accountants work with money on a daily basis. Since embezzlement is a common enough crime, business owners need to make sure they hire someone who will not steal from them. One way to find out if someone has a history of stealing or embezzlement is to run a background check on them. These checks can provide employers with a complete criminal history of the applicant.

Credit Check 

Since accountants work with money all of the time, it’s important to check that they are actually good with money. One way to check on their practical money-management skills without giving them a test is to do a credit check on them. There are credit check services for employers online that work much in the same way a credit check might be done if someone is applying for a loan or credit card. Depending on the credit check an employer gets, the report may show the applicant’s employment record, tenant agreements, credit score, and any financial information they may have if they are invested in a franchise.

Before you hire someone to manage your money, it is best to make sure that they are actually good with their own money and have not committed any money-related crimes or theft. Not only are these good checks to run on potential new employees, but current employees as well. Here’s to hoping these checks bring back good news!


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