Common Reasons People Choose To Undergo Plastic Surgery

Common Reasons People Choose To Undergo Plastic Surgery


Many people have heard of plastic surgery, but if you’ve started researching board certified plastic surgeons in NC, you might have your own motivations for booking a procedure. Despite its reputation as a luxury treatment reserved only for celebrities and the elite, many plastic surgery procedures are fairly commonly performed, and can be done for a multitude of reasons. While there are countless factors that weigh into a decision to get surgery, you can get an idea of some typical reasons below.

Repairing Skin After Weight Loss

Although losing a significant number of pounds can make all the difference in your long-term health and how you feel and look, in many cases, rapid weight loss can leave excess skin behind. This is because skin elasticity can’t always keep up with weight fluctuations. These scenarios can be corrected by removing unnecessary leftover skin, which often gets rid of additional poundage while improving mobility and appearance.

Addressing Self-Esteem Issues

It’s not uncommon to get plastic surgery in order to address a physical feature that’s been the root of self-confidence or self-esteem issues in the past. While some may consider surgery for this reason cosmetic or superficial, the truth is that it can frequently change a patient’s outlook and vastly improve their self-image.

Correcting Birthmarks or Prior Operations

Some patients born with birthmarks or physical deformities may be eligible for reconstructive surgery, which helps improve both function and look. For instance, cleft lip surgery is commonly performed, even in young children. Additionally, it’s possible to correct the errors or unwanted effects of past operations gone awry.

Choosing to undergo surgery of any kind is a highly personal decision, and when it comes to plastic surgery, there’s a myriad of potential motivators involved. Whatever your reasons for considering a procedure are, you may want to consult your doctor and discuss whether undergoing plastic surgery is a suitable choice for your needs.


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