What Is A Class A Driver?

What Is A Class A Driver?


A commercial driver’s license is required for professionals who will be operating heavy vehicles as a career. There is also a non-commercial license which just means the operator can not use his or her license for hire. These licenses are broken down into different classes such as an A, B, or C. Drivers with a Class A or B license can operate a vehicle with a weight of 26,001 pounds or more.

  • Class A is mainly for a combination operation of tractor plus a trailer or a split bus.
  • Class B is for single straight vehicles such as most buses.
  • Class C is for the vehicles that don’t fit the first two classes but can carry hazardous materials or 16 or more people. The total vehicle weight must be less than 26,001 pounds and trailer must weight less than 10,001 pounds. When a commercial license requires additional training, drivers are required to add endorsements.

How Does A Person Become A Class A Driver?

Some professionals with a regular license might be wondering how to switch careers and get on the road, but there are a few things they need to take care of first. To get started they will need a Class A CDL license so drivers can be allowed to get behind the wheel of a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds and trailers weighing more than 10,000 pounds.

To put things in motion for a Class A CDL drivers need to do the following:

Check state for requirements: Rules will vary from state to state so drivers should check with their local DMV. There can be age and physical requirements to meet.

Apply for a permit: Drivers need to start off with a permit to learn the ropes of driving a large commercial vehicle.

Think about going to a CDL school: A good CDL school will help drivers master the basics and teach drivers about the certifications they might pursue. If drivers do consider school, they should try to attend a top rated school for this program.

Take The Exam: The written test is based on federal requirements, but it will be tailored according to the standards of each state’s DMV.

Add Endorsements: Drivers need endorsements to be able to do more with their license. Some of these endorsements require more background checks but it depends on the level of danger, such as hazardous material transport.

Pass The Skills Exam: Drivers who already have their permit are hopefully getting trained by a more experienced driver. The CDL test can be held at the local DMV or at an approved site. This is the final step in achieving a class a driver jobs in bakersfield ca.

What Is The Best Job For A Class A Driver?

A class A driver might be looking to find the best career that allows them to work easier and faster. Traveling on the road all day can be extremely stressful. A few of the things a class A driver might be hauling include sand, stone, gravel, aggregate, cement and other materials. Some of the more conventional types of equipment available for class A drivers hauling these types of materials include:

  • End dumps: for transporting larger loads that an average dump truck and unload much faster.
  • Bottom dumps: easy to carry, pave, and stockpile. Offers great precision and quick turnaround times.
  • Pneumatic: Protects the loaded materials from contamination, moisture, and other elements
  • Vacuum pneumatic: Smooth precision unloading with vacuum pneumatic equipment

Any qualified driver who is interested in hauling these types of materials the simple way should search for class a driver jobs in bakersfield ca. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a basic truck driver salary at right around $18.16 per hour. Drivers should note that this amount is not based on the various classifications or endorsements. Drivers should not be discouraged. This field is active and ready for new drivers. All it takes is completing the above listed steps and a professional Class A driver is created. In order to be the most marketable driver, prospective CDL holders should really put research into their school choice.


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