Why is a birth certificate important?

Why is a birth certificate important?


In the present era, many countries have made it mandatory for every child to have a birth certificate. It acts as one of the most vital foundations of life. A birth certificate in Gurgaon is considered a crucial administrative proof too. In a lifetime, a human being might face several situations where he must produce a birth certificate.

Lately, the awareness about the vitality of the birth certificate has dramatically increased among all classes of people. Here, some leading reasons for the importance of a birth certificate are discussed in detail.

The Birth Certificate Proves the Existence of a Newborn

Every parent must apply for a birth certificate for their children as soon as a baby is born. Each baby deserves proof of inheritance. A birth certificate contains the information of the parents of the child. Thus, the newborn gets a family and automatically becomes liable to possess the property which the family has.

If both the parents of a child accidentally die at an early age, the birth certificate can help him to get his deserved integrity.

Minimizing Abuse and Crime

Crime against children is a widespread phenomenon in many countries. Legal proceedings might not take place properly against a child if there is no birth certificate. The law can only record a case for an abused child if the existential proof is present.

School Admission

Presently, every school demands the birth certificate of a child during the admission process. Thus, it is essential to have a valid certificate of birth. This certificate helps to enhance the true identity of the child. No one can impersonate a particular child if the birth certificate is present.

Eligibility Criteria for Examinations

There are several examinations where the candidates are needed to show the birth certificate mandatorily. So, the parents or guardians of every child must apply for a birth certificate after every child is born. Not having a valid birth certificate can lead a candidate to many problems related to the application of an examination.

Access to Medication

At an early age, the birth certificate is the only valid proof document for a child. In an instance of emergency medication, the birth certificate can act as a best friend for a child. Both government and private hospitals might ask for the birth certificate before admitting a child in the hospital.

Making a Passport

Many people face the necessity of making a passport for travelling abroad. No matter when you apply for a passport, producing the birth certificate in front of the authority becomes mandatory. If the birth certificate is not issued, you might have to apply for it along with the accurate hospital records of your birth. This might take a long time, and your passport disbursal might delay a lot.

A birth certificate can be necessary in case of legal identification during many other instances apart from whatever discussed above. You must always take the right step to apply for one as soon as your child is born. If your birth certificate is still not issued, consider applying for it quickly.


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