Top paying star of Hollywood

Top paying star of Hollywood


The entertainment industry in Hollywood is in full transformation. It is already known that streaming modified the modes of consumption and production of series and movies, in addition to their distribution modes. It is already an established fact that the boundaries and differences between working in film or television for actors are practically non-existent. Something that, of course, also modifies how the highest grossing stars are rewarded.

If you are a super fan of movies, you will know that being an actor or actress can be one of the best paid professions in the world, especially if you arrive in Hollywood. And is that, have you ever wondered who of the celebs earns more? Well do not worry, here we bring you a list with the best paid. Let’s get started. Below is list of top highest paid star of Hollywood:

Robert Downey Jr.

What to say about this actor? We are not surprised that he is in First place. Robert revived his career with Iron Man and the rest is history.

Salary: 20 million dollars

The rock

Former fighter and super charismatic. This actor shares the second place with Robert Downey Jr. Soon you will be able to see him in the new film of the Fast &Furios franchise.

Salary: 20 million dollars

Will Smith

Without a doubt, Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s spoiled, so he could not be left behind. The actor is at presentfilming Bad Boys for Life.

Salary: $ 17 million

Jason Statham

The actor, who has become famous for playing bad guys is another of the celebs with one of the highest salaries in the industry.

Salary: $ 13 million

Emily Blunt

The English actress is another of the celebrities who is not far behind, especially now that she will perform the sequel to the film A Quiet Place.

Salary: 10 million dollars

Brad Pitt

The hot for Brad Pitt continues in this exclusive list. Recently, the actor announced that he returns to the cinema from the hand of director Quentin Tarantino in the film once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Salary: 10 million dollars

Chris Evans: Young, handsome, bright actor and single

The young actor, from a suburb of Boston, has faced the biggest challenge of his career: taking on one of the most iconic characters of the twentieth century, Captain America, in his new film version. And Chris Evans age is not too much but he has done it because he has captured audiences around the world.

The son of a dentist and the artistic director of a theatre for youth in Sudbury, a middle-class neighbourhood in the capital of Massachusetts, Chris has done everything possible to not become the celebrity that everyone thinks he should be. But now that he has made the leap and has a film of more than 100 million dollars on his shoulders, he has had to accept that he is the new superstar of the cinema.

Emma Watson after Harry Potter

  • After completing the Harry Potter recordings, Emma Watson age is not too much so she decided to attend Brown University to study English Literature but left the career to focus on promoting the latest instalment of the film’s saga.
  • On the other hand, sometime later the star enrolled in Oxford to continue his career in literature. Looking forward to returning to the United States, The actress decided to go to Brown University again and finish her studies in English Literature, which she did in 2014.
  • While studying at Oxford, Emma had a romantic relationship with Will Adamowicz, a classmate who was first her friend. After two years of relationship, the couple decided to separate allegedly because of his drug addiction.
  • Many years later, the star began a courtship with the American singer and actor, Chord Overstreet, from whom he separated in 2018.
  • In the middle of his shootings outside of Harry Potter are: Beauty and the Beast, Regression, The Circle, This is the end (Spree to the end), the advantages of being Invisible (The advantages of being an outcast) and My Week with Marilyn.

But these are not the only ones. Here is the complete list of the highest paid actors during this 2019:

  1. Dwayne Johnson: 89 million dollars.
  2. Chris Hemsworth: 76.4 million.
  3. Robert Downey: 66 million.
  4. Akshay Kumar: 65 million.
  5. Jackie Chan: 58 million.
  6. Bradley Cooper: 57 million.
  7. Adam Sandler: 57 million.
  8. Scarlett Johansson: 56 million.
  9. Sofia Vergara: 44.1 million.
  10. Chris Evans: 43.5 million.
  11. Paul Rudd: 41 million.
  12. Will Smith: 35 million.
  13. Reese Whiterspoon: 35 million.
  14. Nicole Kidman: 34 million.
  15. Jennifer Aniston: 28 million.
  16. Kaley Cuoco: 25 million.
  17. Elizabeth Moss: 24 million.
  18. Margot Robbie: 23.5 million.
  19. Charlize Theron: 23 million.
  20. Ellen Pompeo: 22 million.


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