3 Tips for Safe Glass Handling

3 Tips for Safe Glass Handling


Glass is a notoriously fragile material to work with. Whether it is a thin decorate champagne flute or a windowpane, with enough pressure, it will break. This can make handling glass difficult when moving pieces from place to place.

1. Use a Cart

While glass looks light, oftentimes it can be much heavier than it appears. If the piece is large, or there are multiple pieces, then using a cart as a transport method is probably a good idea. Find one with small spring loaded casters to ensure a smooth ride to the destination. Using a cart to move glass can reduce strain on the mover and decrease the likelihood of accidents.

2. Wear Gloves

Glass, especially panes that are part of an uncompleted project, can be rough at the corners and edges. Depending on the thickness, the cuts it inflicts can be severe or even life-threatening. Wearing gloves can decrease the chances of being cut while handling the material. They will also be useful in case anything breaks and needs to be cleaned up.

3. Cover the Glass

Another way to reduce the chances of someone being injured is to cover the glass all the way around. This protects both the glass being transported and the people who are transporting it. Things like foam, bubble wrap, cardboard and cloth can be used as packaging materials. By using a covering, scratches or cracks can be prevented or reduced.

Handling glass safely can be tricky, but by planning it out beforehand, accidents and injuries can be avoided. Use caution and get assistance if the situation calls for it. Trying to do something alone that is best done by two or more people can have disastrous consequences. Contact a professional for help if needed, as they will be trained and able to work safely and efficiently.


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