5 Free Pedometer and Step Counter Apps For Android

5 Free Pedometer and Step Counter Apps For Android


These days, almost everyone is talking about pedometry and step counting and dutifully walking towards a better and fitter lifestyle.

Over time, our smartphone’s GPS tracking ability has improved considerably, not to mention the phone movement sensors have also enhanced big time.

Almost on cue, developers have added features that make it possible to keep tabs on your step count on a daily basis and create stats accordingly.

That being said, we have mentioned 5 favourite apps (for Androids) that will follow your footsteps quite literally!


Right off the bat, Fitbit has perhaps the most amazing looking interface as compared to all other apps out there. Moreover, it has a plethora of features that will help you optimise your walking and make the most of it.

For instance, you can participate in challenges that are organised by the developers while also keeping a log on the various foods you’ve been consuming and workouts you’ve been practising.

So all in all, it’s a sweet deal you can get free of cost.

Zombies, Run

There is no better way to motivate yourself to burn those calories when you convince yourself that your life depends on it. Zombies, Run is a seasoned player out of all the Android apps as it has pushed more than a million users to douse themselves in stories that instigate fitness from the word go.

All you need to do is to plug in your headphones and follow the instructions that pop up as you accomplish missions while jogging in a post-apocalyptic world that’s swamped by the shuffling dead. People who are into narratives teamed with their fitness will love this app.


Argus is an app that goes above and beyond just keeping tabs on the step count. It is perhaps one of the most comprehensive ‘wellness’ apps available today.

Sure, it keeps a track on your activity but it also includes a sleep cycle monitor, calorie counter, exercise guide and a barcode scanner that records nutrients consumed.

More than being a step-counter, Argus ensures that you’re in the pink of your health by taking into consideration all supporting elements because walking alone cannot account for a healthy lifestyle. It is more like a personal trainer in Aldgate right in the confines of your pocket.


A pedometer is a free ad-supported app that doesn’t force any kind of in-app purchases on you. You get what you see; it’s as simple as that. It has the usual – step counting, walking time, calories burned with a display of long-term walking information nicely put up in a graph.

It uses gender and current weight information to give you a better understanding of the calories that you’ve burnt along with the amount you are yet to burn. Pedometer goes easy on the batteries of your phone as well.

It also has a compact selection of several themes that you can use to customise. You can also fiddle with the sensitivity feature so you stay true to your step counts and do not end up wrongly logging in driving and cycling.

Runtastic Steps

One of the most versatile options out there, Runtastic has great compatibility with various step-tracking devices and of course Google Fit as well!

It gives you regular updates on calories to burn on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. It lets you key in goals to help ensure that you’re accomplishing those every day.

The free version will do all these things for you, but you can opt for the premium package and there will be a deluge of brand new features like nutrition plans, walking routes along with food diaries and more.

And with that, we wrap up our list! These android pedometer apps are up for grabs that too for free!

So stop being a couch potato and go walk around your neighbourhood, or wander aimlessly in the grocery store or take the stairs at work instead of grabbing the lift every single day.

Pedometers don’t demand that you alter your life and go sign up for a gym membership. But what it does do is encourage you to be little more active and push yourself to take some extra steps each day.


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