Elements Of Photography You Should Be Aware Of

Elements Of Photography You Should Be Aware Of


A good photo shoot is highly captivating and people are easily interested in viewing the rest of the album if there’s at least one good shot.

You do not have to give crazy expressions or wear weird clothes to draw the attention of people viewing your album.

However, if you actually look at the bigger picture, people in general love seeing albums with natural poses and prefer it over highly caked faces with cliché movie poses. The approach towards photoshoots is evolving and people tend to have more realistic expectations.

Mentioned below are some of the tactics which you must follow to avoid cliché poses-

Accept criticism


There is a possibility that you will be criticised for a couple of photos, but instead of getting disappointed, you must learn from the feedback you receive. You can choose the good aspects of the criticism and learn from it so that you do not repeat your errors.

Often, photographers perceive criticism in a negative way and hence end up dwelling on the poor outcomes. On the other hand, if you work on the drawbacks and have a positive approach to photography, you are likely to learn a lot.

Let your client be natural

A good photographer will ensure that the overall picture appears to be good rather than just one particular aspect. It is a combination of photos, along with presentation and execution. Clients tend to shy away from cliché and complicated poses for the photo shoot.

For instance, if you want to click a simple romantic picture of the couple, all you have to ask them to do is look into each other’s eyes, balance it with adequate amounts of light and ta-da – you get the best-looking image of the couple, without having to go too overboard.

If you notice that there is not enough natural light at your venue then you can add artificial lights to maintain the quality of your photo.

Reject bad suggestion

As a photographer, the biggest sin that you could commit is to compel a model to fit in a particular frame. For instance, if you have a shoot for racing then you can select the Grand Prix circuit as your venue.

You can use F1 simulators, leaderboard, black and white checkered flag as surrounding elements. But, to bring in right props in the frame you need to about them as in what is a F1 simulator, how are F1 leaderboards and many more.

As the captain of the ship, you do not want it to sink and similarly as a photographer you want precious and important elements in your photo. A bad photo can ruin your career as you can lose several potential clients. Therefore, make sure that you communicate well with your clients/model and treat them with respect.

Customised Your Poses

It is not compulsory that a particular pose you like goes well with every model you probably have. Irrespective of the surrounding elements and the frame of your model with a lean figure and good height will look excellent and give a brilliant photo.

However, the case is not the same for all the models and hence you have to consider varied other aspects when it comes to other models. This way, you can balance the frame with multiple elements regardless of the physical attributes of your model.

One simple rule that you must follow is that every model is different and you need to customise your approach for them to acquire better results. Try to choose a setting which minimises their weak elements and highlights their strengths.

For instance, if a model has a good smile you can select poses which highlight their facial features than the rest of the body.

Avoid hiding stuff as an image will eventually depict unspoken emotions. Instead, make your model comfortable so that they can be themselves and they do not have to pretend an expression or emotion.

It is important to review your work at frequent intervals as this helps you to mark your mistakes and learn from them. Remember, that there is always room for growth and you must always be open to learn new methods to polish your school.

In the process of learning new techniques you possibly can come across a new opportunity which is lucrative for your career.



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