A Beginner’s Guide to Customer Service Point & How to Apply for One

A Beginner’s Guide to Customer Service Point & How to Apply for One


In an endeavour to attain financial inclusion, the Reserve Bank of India has been implementing great measures to ensure ease of access to financial services within the weaker sections of the society. To fulfil this goal, the idea of Customer Service Point (CSP) or Kiosk Banking was introduced. If you’d like to learn more about the same and know how to apply for SBI CSP online, read on.

An Overview of Customer Service Point:

There’s been a huge demand for banking services in the recent times. However, a large size of the population – such as low-income group families – still don’t have easy access to primary banking facilities. A Customer Service Point enables individuals to perform banking transactions without having to visit a bank branch or in areas where a branch office is not present.

Why Customer Service Points are Demanded?

Customer Service Points are becoming more relevant among the less privileged in rural India. A myriad of individuals (specifically migrant and factory laborers) could not open a bank account, since they do not have a valid ID and address proof. As a result, securing their hard-earned money or transferring funds to their loved ones afar has been a challenge for them. Through the kiosk banking arrangement, financial management will be much easier for such individuals.

Services Available with Kiosk Banking:

Customers can get the following services at a kiosk banking outlet:

  • Deposit and withdrawal of cash
  • IMPS fund transfer
  • Balance enquiry
  • ATM card facility
  • Fixed and recurring deposit schemes
  • E-KYC enrolment
  • Access to social security schemes including PMSBY, APY, and PMJJBY
  • Aadhar Enabled Payment System

Are You a Retailer? Sign Up for Kiosk Banking!

If you own a retail shop, be sure to SBI kiosk apply online! Kiosk banking is a great opportunity not only to help people in your neighbourhood, but also to earn additional revenue. Recognised services like Pay Point India have partnered up State Bank of India (SBI) to deliver user-friendly banking services via Customer Service Points in stores.

Turn your shop into a mini bank and earn extra income. All you need is a:

  • PC
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Printer
  • Office or Retail Outlet

Why Sign Up for Kiosk Banking?

Retailers offering kiosk banking facility in their shops enjoy great benefits such as:

  • New revenue stream
  • Improved brand visibility
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Boost in brand reputation
  • Better customer acquisition

How to Apply for CSP?

The process to apply for SBI CSP online is pretty easy. Here’s how:

  • Fill out the application form and pay a nominal fee to Pay Point India
  • Due diligence is carried out by PPINL Compliance Team
  • Post verification and terminal mapping, a welcome kit and scanner will be sent to you.
  • You will be trained before you can start offering the service to your customers.

The entire application process for bank CSP apply online can take between 25 and 30 days.

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact the experts at Pay Point India.


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