Why is Data Cleansing Necessary? How to Clean Data?

Why is Data Cleansing Necessary? How to Clean Data?


Data is the soul when making fact-based decisions for any company, and also it leverages its power to level up business. However, the biggest barricade for organizations while making sound decisions is the availability and quality of accurate data. Whether it’s business data or a database of different prospects or existing entities, incorrect data and errors can be observed everywhere.

At every stage, be it marketing, sales, logistics, operations or finance, the use of data is widespread. And businesses can’t bear the cost and loss of inaccurate data. To avoid such mishaps in the organization, you must follow practices to clean the data prior to use. It can be either done by your organization or via data cleansing services. The former may take immense manual effort and consume more time than the latter. But, in the end, data cleansing is essential.

Best Methods for Data Cleansing

Here are some ways to ensure that your database is clean, accurate, correct and error-free, which you can incorporate into your daily tasks.

1. Regulate and Check Data at the Point of Entry: When entering data for the first time in your database, ensure that the source data is as accurate as possible. If the entry point of the information itself is terrible, no amount of cleansing can help. So, always ensure that you enter the most accurate data into your systems.

2. Standardized Format: Make your data more structured and organized to identify errors quickly. Follow the same format and data type for the entire database to make it uniform. It helps to remove the clutter of incomplete and illogical data, improves your system’s performance and helps you to generate better insights. Store data in a particular chronological order for a more refined database.

3. Remove Duplication: Duplicate records are a waste that can sometimes take your time and effort away. For instance, if you have a database of prospects and have a duplicated entry of a single entity three times, you might reach and contact the same party three times and waste your time. To avoid so, one must eliminate duplicate records.

These were some practices you could consider when trying to make a robust database for your own benefit. But what if your database is big and consists of millions of data? What to do then? There’s one solution that is helpful for all kinds of businesses, small, medium or large. You can opt for data cleansing services. To know more about it, keep on reading.

What are Data Cleansing Services?

Data cleansing services assist in validating the relevance of data, boost productivity, and foster good returns over investment for your business. The data is indexed, processed, and analyzed as per the objective and requirements of your business by them. And when the manual task of data cleansing is outsourced, your business can put efforts and time into core business goals, which increases the overall functionality of the organization.

Which is the best Data Cleansing Service?

One tool that can transform your data quality and help you gain a competitive advantage over other businesses is D&B Optimizer. The word-class business intelligence platform, Dun & Bradstreet, offers this tool. It integrates seamlessly into your systems, ensuring that your data is neat, complete, and actionable. So, if you are looking for a data cleansing company, definitely check them out!


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