How This Service Startup Achieved attain In 7 Months

How This Service Startup Achieved attain In 7 Months


The company Service Tree has maintained a sound business philosophy and company experience to attain the hit among the primary seven months. The corporate offers wonderful services within the domain of repairing house appliances.

The company is sharp to include the long run development of crucial services and remains technologically savvy and advanced in operations. the corporate Service Tree functions with the superb business acumen to realize a possibility even in seven months and continued with none a pair of years. the corporate has maintained nice position within the market by managing technology development more the domain of promoting moreover as each crucial domain within the maintenance of a company.

In the late of 2016 krishna Kumar founding father of ServiceTree had joined the Founder Institute Chennai to construct a new start up. He worked with co-founders Kannadas, Sathish and Suresh to construct a replacement native service start up. This initiative was launched on January 2017, because it started with decision driver moreover on-demand health care service and they started traction and commenced raising invoice from the first month itself. Within a five months they have added more appliance repair service.

Kannadas and Sathish handled the technology development, Suresh manages care of design testing. Krishna Kumar manages marketing and other activities, they didn’t spend anything for technical development.

They obtain Amazon Web Services free for 18 months which is from Founder Institute graduates, that power-assisted them in their entrepreneurial efforts. It was within the metropolitan of Chennai, Founder Institute Chennai provided a shared workplace area. They have just focus on products and customers the corporate modified charge from post-free to pre-paid and it diode them to interrupt even quicker. Then were concerned within the following, necessary activities:

  • they become angel funding as from Praveen Raja, Chennai at the last of 2018
  • They focused on appliance repair service
  • During the time the corporate completed several experiments, still doing,
  • Over 2.5 years they’re mating solely in Chennai,

The success model of Service Tree to take care of its break-even in profits is inculcated in its company philosophy. Preserve a home isn’t a problem to to any extent further extent, neither is that the technique of repair of appliances. AC service technician, TV service man or washer repair technician, moreover typically accessed through home service applications with merely some of faucets. Service Tree, for instance, asks you to initial enter the address where you’d like service to be delivered. Then you set time frame: The last step is to include any essential details relating to the task at your residence.

How Service Tree Work 

Service Tree matches labour with native demand, allowing shoppers to get immediate help any appliance connected work like installation AC, cleansing the chimney, repairing the washer.

Step 1: Explain Your Task Choose the service you would like.

Step 2: choice of Your Task Input time and address, you can go through with booking via App or web site

Step 3: Get it completed Service Tree arrives on given time, gets it’s completed. Pay securely moreover leave a review, all that done through Service Tree.Service Tree based in metropolis of Chennai offers associate ultra-convenient answer to book for appliance repair and repair solutions to avail them from the comfort of their home. That’s why they called Chennai’s No 1 Appliance services company.


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